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Mom Found This In My Old Room

Pre-vegetarianism. Look at that kitten, awww.



What do I do!

I’m sorry to bother you, I’m sorry to rant—

After all, why would you care? I’m a cat with no pants!

Pants! That’s one thing that I just don’t get—

But yesterday I went out and bought a whole set!


Why, you may ask? For the past few days,

I’ve been seeing everything in a new sort of haze.

It all started with the cousin—do you remember him?

A real nasty cat who fills me to the brim


With awful emotions, it messes with my chi,

And so I stuffed him in the vacuum—you’d do the same, were you me.

But though I don’t have to stare at his fur,

I can still hear him—and this cat doesn’t purr.

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