Big News

It came in the mail today!

All right, dear readers, I have a confession,

Regarding my latest (innocent) obsession,

I used the profits I got from my hat sale

To impress my Rat—I went to Zales!

No, I didn’t, though maybe I should have,

Instead I invested the money (only half, only half)

Into a project so big! So daring!

If you’re apathetic now, you better start caring


Because this machine will certainly lure her to me!

The centerpiece: a wheel of gourmet cheese,

And all around, whirring gears, clunking arms,

And what these limbs do will certainly alarm—


In a good way, of course, they will amaze and stun,

This machine is unique, a masterpiece, and fun!

You see, in a way that is totally great,

This machine makes food, and cups, and plates,


And makes a romantic meal! Most every night!

It even provides the candlelight.

And not only that—why, in true Cat-in-Hat fashion,

The machine cleans up, vaccums, and stores cash in


It! What a dream! What a thing-a-ma-bob!

If this doesn’t impress her, I’m lost, I’m gone.

And not only that, it also flies, hence

My recent acquisition of a pilot license.


There you have it! Transportation, romance,

The only thing left is to teach it how to dance.

So Rat, little rat, wherever you are,

If you’re nesting in a house, in a church, in a car,


I miss your pink hat and your nimble, cute whiskers,

Come to me, little rat, (I’m also on Flickr).

(And Facebook—if you’re more comfortable with that.)

Please find me, my love, my Rat-in-the-Hat!


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